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Responsible Gambling

Tips on how to play responsibly:

Play within your means. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Stop playing if you exceed that limit.
Play only with the amount you can afford; do not borrow money to bet.
Never spend more to win back losses.
Do not be pressurized or influenced by others to bet. Betting should be your own choice.
Stop playing if you think you are beginning to spend more money and playing more frequently.

When Not to Gamble

When you are emotionally affected, betting may seem like an attractive distraction. However, you are also more susceptible to playing beyond your control. Do not gamble:

When feeling lonely, depressed or under stress
When coping with the death or loss of a loved one
When trying to solve a personal or family problem
Remember, your loved ones will suffer too if your playing affects your family lifestyle and finances. Do not let yourself and your loved ones become casualties of gambling.

Guard Against Problem Gambling

Monitor your playing behaviour and betting pattern regularly to see if you are playing excessively. To determine whether you need to seek help for problem gambling, take a quick self-assessment tool   Betting should be fun. It should be under your control. Do not let it control you or your life instead.

Responsible Gaming Campaign

Annually, Macau Pools organises a Responsible Gaming (RG) Campaign for its staff, authorised retailers and customers. Through talks by international experts in the field of problem gambling, workshops and sharing session, we reinforce our responsible gaming codes and measures to staff and retailers alike.
During the campaign, customers will learn useful tips on how to play responsibly through contests and roving exhibits that illustrate the warning signs of problem gambling.
RG Campaign is an integral part of our continuous effort to educate our staff, business partners and customers to play with care and to play within their means.

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